Table Linens on a Budget

Finding good ideas for a wedding decorations and table linens on a budget can be harder that you may think. Each individual wedding has its own requirements for table linens and the table linens you will need is a good place to start when coming up with wedding decoration ideas. Use color to create the right atmosphere and ambiance for your wedding reception with tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and sashes and/or table runners.

These days the Internet offers a wide range of polyester table linens which are great for budget weddings, and you can dress the tables with good quality table runners in bright colors, almost all wedding's will use round tablecloths.

Most affordable polyester table linens will work well for the cost conscious couple planning their wedding, apart from their low price, are very easy to look after, stains can be removed easily by standard home washing machines. Today most homes use standard polyester tablecloths. Polyester fabric is very durable and is available in many shapes colors, and sizes.

You can normally judge how cheap or sophisticated a tablecloth is by the appearance of the hem. Cheap ones have serged hems, while good quality tablecloths can be recognized immediately if they have folded and stitched hems.

This is why we get the term "white tablecloth restaurant" as such restaurant are normally more expensive but they charge you more for the overall pleasure you experience and that includes the fresh white tablecloths. You feel good in restaurants with this attention to detail and easily forget about the cost versus the overall experience.

If you are on a budget and searching for the best bang for your buck then look for polyester linen tablecloths, these are available in white, black, ivory, and many other colors such a fuchia, pink, chocolate, lime, orange, lavender, and many more.

A simple rule to remember is that as soon as the event is over and a tablecloth has been damaged with stains, you should remove all hard food leftovers from its surface and soak it in warm water immediately. Soak for 24 hours and next morning your linen tablecloth will be ready to be washed as normal. A tablespoon of starch will be good as well during laundry. If you have purchased a tablecloth in bright colors you can add a tablespoon of white vinegar into the rinsing cycle. This will help tablecloth dye return to it's normal color contrast.

You can tumble dry in home dryers at no hotter than 350F degrees.

Article by Renee Wilson, | | Wedding Table Linens
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